Masculine Feet - EP09 - Fernando Reve & Master Kurt 2.1

Masculine Feet - EP09 - Master Kurt & Fernando Reve 2.1

Master Kurt returns and this time he does not hold back. He expects to be worshiped by his foot bitch, Fernando better than before. First things first, Master Kurt demands to be called "Master" and not Sir by his foot slave. He dominates Fernando's hungry mouth with his tan loafers. As the shoes come off, Fernando is made to sniff and glorify his Masters shoes and feet. Fernando sniffs them deep and long until his Master is satisfied. Master Kurt knows that when a hungry mouth gets dry spit and beer work better than water. This is one hot scene and one you cannot miss if you are into deep foot worship.

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Masculine Feet - EP09 - Master Kurt & Fernando Reve 2.2

Master Kurt continues to dominate his foot slave's hungry mouth using his gold toe feet. As he drinks his beer Master Kurt decides to flavor things up a little bit and smashes a banana into Fernando's mouth. The foot bitch does his best to swallow the banana while his master's feet are rubbing all over his face. Lots of sniffing takes place until Master Kurt dismisses Fernando.

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-1 #1 zoe 2016-01-28 16:52
so good,this is what i would like to pay :lol:

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