Gay Babysitter - Episode No.1 - Carson & Derrick Collins

Part 01

Gay baby-sitter Carson walks in on baby Derrick Collins humping his baby bottle. Carson has told Derrick many times that he is a bad boy when he does that. Carson gets mad and as a punishment makes Derrick smell his favorite stuffed toy, "Porky" that baby Derrick humps all the time. This turns Carson on so he allows baby Derrick to hump the bottle while Carson humps Porky. Because baby Derrick is a bad boy Carson spanks him and then rocks him to sleep.

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Part 02

Carson continues to play with baby Derrick, allowing him to fuck his favorite toy Porky. Carson loves to make baby Derrick happy and adds a little extra pleasure by rubbing the baby bottle on baby Derrick's butt. But baby Derrick continues to be a bad boy, takes off his diaper and pees. Carson gets angry at baby Derrick who's been told numerous times to pee inside the diaper. A bad boy needs some discipline.

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Part 03

Baby Derrick continues to be a bad boy and rips the plastic baby chain toy that Carson bought him. This makes Carson mad but knowing that Derrick's mom is on her way home, he decides to make baby Derrick cum instead of punishing him. Carson cleans up all the cum off Derrick and Derrick farts a couple of times.
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