Gay Babysitter - Episode No.2 - Carson & Malibubu

Part 01

Carson is scheduled to babysit baby Malibubu for a weekend while his parents are away. Just in case, Carson brings his stash of condoms only to discover that baby Malibubu has found them. When Carson finds baby Malibubu with a condom he has blown up like a balloon, Carson decides to teach Malibubu what a condom is used for.

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Part 02

Ever heard of foot fucking? In this episode Carson continues to teach baby Malibubu more about sex and fetishes. Carson wearing his sheer socks gets on the floor and asks Malibubu to foot fuck him while rubbing his big feet. He gets so much pleasure out that naturally his feet rub all over Malibubu's diaper. Carson's lesson ends with both him and the baby fucking the stuff toy Porky from both ends.


"I'm gonna house break you - like you're a fucking " the babysitter Carson tells baby Malibubu as he teaches him how to pee in his diaper. Both of them take turns peeing on the diaper. The diaper ends up flowing with lots of pee. As the babysitting session is near its end Carson makes the baby shoot his load before his mother gets home.

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