Gay Babysitter - Episode No.4 - Carson & Kelly Foxx

Part 01


In this episode of the gay babysitter we go back in time to when Carson himself was a baby. Let us just say that he has not changed one bit. As a baby he's as as he is bad babysitter. Carson's mom Kelly struggles to discipline her son who has absolutely no respect. Carson calls her names, pouts, and even pees on his diaper. Here is the perfect example of a very bad baby who needs some major discipline.

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Part 02

Naughty baby Carson lays on the couch rubbing his chest, legs, and diaper. His mom Kelly Foxx walks in and catches him doing "adult things". She is so fed up with Carson's bad behavior that she eventually gives in and begins to tease the bad boy with the pacifier and baby bottle. Kelly loves the baby and she rocks Carson while singing but Carson wakes up and demands to suck on her titties. Kelly is overwhelmed by Carson's persistence and allows him to nibble on her nipples just a bit. Carson is then asked to go to his room but he refuses. Kelly has no option but to spank his diaper and bare ass with two belts. Baby Carson gets mad and turns the tables around by throwing mommy into the couch and he begins spanking mommy.

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