Part 01

 What's the worst thing that can happen to anyone on a Saturday morning? For our crazy babysitter it means having to take care of another little brat. Baby Billy Jet is known for one thing - CRYING really loud, something that Carson dreads most. To teach Billy a lesson Carson shoots his load into the baby bottle (pretend) and gives it to Billy who just won't shut the fuck up. Once the baby has calmed down a bit Carson fucks Porky a cute little stuffed while rubbing against Billy's sweet diapered ass. Baby Billy makes a few moans and grunts but does not wake up.

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Part 02

Billy Jet is being a good boy but Carson makes him cry by taunting him and spanking him as he attempts to change his diapers. The whole process turns into a mess as the diapers tear and Carson gets mad at poor baby Billy. This turns Carson on and he instructs Billy to jerk off for him while he fucks the stuffed named Porky. Carson pounds Porky until baby Billy shots his load all over his belly and balls. Finally Carson gets to properly clean Billy's load off and change his diaper. Baby Billy then falls asleep as Carson rocks him until his mother comes home.


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