Masculine Feet - EP04 - DJ & Fernando Reve 1.2

Masculine Feet - EP04 - DJ & Fernando Reve 1.2

The 2nd part to DJ's hot worship session is finally here."How much of my foot can you fit in your mouth slave boy?" By now both of DJ's gold toe socked feet are out and ready to give his slave boy Fernando a good work out. Fernando is subject to sniff and suck on one of DJ's feet while being smacked on the face by the other foot. Then both feet get in on the action, smacking Fernando back and forth. DJ continues to force his feet into Fernando's mouth while doing a bit of crushing. "Am I too much for you boy?" DJ asks Fernando as he continues to satisfy his foot slave. The hard worship turns a bit more passionate as DJ allows Fernando to kiss and suck on his feet more gently. DJ's takes his clothes off to reveal his extremely hairy body and sheer thong, a big treat for the hairy lovers out there. We are then treated to a long but hot foot fucking session. Fernando gets to enjoy his master's foot while being pounded by another. DJ strokes his uncut dick while fucking Fernando's ass and massaging his sheer covered feet. Fernando gets to feel his master's hairy body for a bit then Fernando lays on his stomach while DJ strokes his dick while Fernando humps a pillow. Fernando's feet continue to rub against DJ's big balls then Fernando gets spanked with his own belt and with DJ's hand. The scene ends with DJ dry humping against Fernando until they both cum.

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0 #1 Jon Beris 2016-01-01 05:04
Well I do admit I really love the whole frottage-grinding aspect ALOT--perhaps more with someone else-(not much for really hairy gents at all but of course just my personal preference but humping the pllow frotting on the slacks awesome.. used to know a guy who likes frotting on a guys OTC socked calves...

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