Masculine Feet - EP30 - FR & David Moore 1.2

Masculine Feet - EP30 - FR & David Moore 1.1

Back to the action -- Lucky Fernando continues to worship David's 14's while David enjoys his own shoe. David's big feet are stacked and Fernando licks the sheer covered soles with passion. David then begins to take his top off exposing his muscular body while having his feet worked on. The socks eventually come off and Fernando begins to work on David's soft but strong bare feet. "Tell me is it better now that there is nothing in between us" David remarks making the bare foot action even more exiting as Fernando continues to lubricate David's toes with his saliva. After a few close ups of the bare foot action we are treated to the final treat  where David rotates his feet in and out of Fernando while he lays on the floor.




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0 #4 Fernando Reve 2016-05-13 23:17
Yes I'm thinking of working with CCbill again to have optional recurring subscriptions and to have the ability to stream and download videos again. It will provably be a little while though but its on my to do list!
0 #3 ks 2016-05-13 21:37
I'll renew my subscription. I wished there was an auto-renewal to it. :oops:

By the way, I meant to ask, will you ever go back to the old site format you had at GC where subscribers can stream and download videos? I don't mind the streaming, but I love watching the HD versions of the video. I don't think enough can be said that your skills as a director/photographer are under-appreciated because you're such an amazing performer, and watching them in HD you get the full visual experience of your videos. In any case, thanks for all the awesome updates, and YES, I'm excited to hear David Moore will return for more!! I like seeing how hot newbies like James and David adapt so quickly to foot eroticism and can't wait to see what other plans you have for them in future videos. ;-)
0 #2 Fernando Reve 2016-05-13 20:54
We had to update users credentials to stop unauthorized access that occurred. If you are unable to login please contact clips4sale

It makes me happy to hear you enjoyed the movie. David & his amazing feet are unforgetable. Awesome guy with a wonderful screen personality. More of him coming soon.
0 #1 ks 2016-05-13 20:14
I couldn't log into the streaming website, but I purchased the clip based on the strength of the first part of the video. Male foot worshiping at its finest and David Moore has some of the nicest looking size 14 feet I've ever seen.

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