MF - EP31 - Daniel C & Luke

Masculine Feet - EP31 - Daniel C & Luke

*** This is a HOT hot video, but unfortunately we had sound issues. It is previously unreleased and we think you are going to enjoy it a lot despite the sound issues. ***

One afternoon, Luke is touching and feeling his penny loafers and sheer socks. While feeling himself he begins to fantasize about some foot worshiping fun with his work buddy Daniel C. who blows his mind. Daniel gets straight to the point enjoying every part of Luke\'s tan loafers. Luke tells Daniel to take of his shoe, and Daniel begins to jack off the sheer covered foot with the shoe. Luke is in total ecstasy while Daniel services his feet. The loafers get a lot of attention by both of their warm lips. Once the shoes come off Luke makes sure to have his sheer covered feet licked, sucked, and inserted into Daniel\'s mouth. Luke then spanks Daniels OTC TNTs with his belt -- Daniel is in heaven. The scene concludes with Daniel worshiping Luke\'s bare feet and sock-less penny loafers.





0 #1 ks 2016-05-28 22:53
Even though I have a streaming account where I can watch this, I purchased this video for two reasons: 1. Daniel C never fails to amaze me at how flexible he is as a performer. He's probably the most versatile performer in gay foot erotica since Tony T from Kink Video, equally fantastic as a dom and sub. And sure enough he gave another memorable performance. 2. Luke, Luke, Luke!!!! Wow! You have a knack at finding the best foot tops, and Luke was so exceptional considering this is his first time engaging in footplay. I like how stimulated he gets just by a simple touch of his shoe! (He reminds me of Daniel R. in that respect.) He was so into it and I love the way he got verbal with Daniel C, "You are one dirty little foot bitch. You are my dirty little foot bitch." So many highlights that it's hard to mention all of them, however, the chemistry between these two, despite of any sound issues, made it a total classic! Loved every minute of it! :-)

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