MF - EP33 - Fathers & Fernando

Masculine Feet - EP33 - Fathers & Fernando

Father Luke comes to Father Landon to confess he is being worshiped by a service worker named, Fernando. F. Landon tells F. Luke that it is okay and he is more interested in knowing if Fernando knows about the Father's secret worship sessions. F. Luke tells F. Landon that Fernando does not know, but that he is sure he'd like to participate. Fernando is brought in to worship the Father's loafers, socks & hosiery. F. Luke wears sheer tights while F. Landon wears gold toe. The style of worshiping is mild-wild with some verbal abuse and bare foot worship at the end. Through the scene Fernando busts a load while in his sheer tights.


MFEP33 Fathers Fernando


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+2 #2 Sydney 2016-06-13 01:58
Kudos Fernando this is an explosive episode. I like how you are experimenting beyond the common suits & socks fetish. More of Luke too and Master Efron please!
0 #1 ks 2016-06-12 14:09
Wow, what a hot video! Luke is such an energetic, animated performer I'm starting to wonder if he ever did any of this before. Like Daniel C. said to him in his first video, he comes off too much as a pro to have never done any of this before. Or maybe it's just one of those cases where Fernando brings out the best in these newbies who never knew the joy of foot worshiping until they had it done to them. In either case, I'd love to see more from him. He's a pure natural on camera. I liked that Landon was back as well, but my attention was mostly focused on Luke and how he enjoyed deep throating his feet in Fernando's hungry mouth! I also like that he's verbal too and the way he says "foot bitch" or "foot fag." He's only done two videos so far but he's already developing into a favorite of mine!

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