MF - EP34 - Carson's Story

Masculine Feet - EP34 - Carson's Story

Carson shares the story of how his foot fetish interest began. He gets some extra attention by being worshipped by Fernando while the story is told. Fernando enjoys some dress shoe, tights, and foot loving action. Carson wears a hot pair of stripped tights/pantyhose underneath his dress pants for the special occasion.





-1 #2 ks 2016-08-03 10:15
As long as Fernando doesn't close this website down completely (or worst, give it to someone who isn't nearly as dedicated to gay foot eroticism as he is) and he's just on a hiatus after that super intense video he did with Efron a few months ago, I'm satisfied. He's probably taking time to recuperate because that was the most hardcore video he's done to date. I hope he's okay!
+1 #1 Kengi 2016-07-28 15:29
You seem to have given uo the ghost here as far as adding material :-(

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